Why choose CUTURI for your wedding?

Because the excitement of waking up in the Masseria is a good omen and there is no better way to start a life as a couple.

Because after sharing the emotions of the night before, under the starry sky
overlooking the terraces lit by candlelight, you can only expect something
extraordinarily beautiful.

Because the wedding day begins with the energy of nature that surrounds the
Masseria and which offers breakfasts that smell of love and ancient genuineness.

Because the day takes shape at the rhythm of the countryside and with the light of the land of Puglia to arrive in great shape until the moment of your I WILL!

Because the exchange of your rings in the 17th century country church takes on a symbolic meaning of eternity.

Because after the party, which will be as you have imagined, your adventure begins
with the night in the fairy tale trullo and immersed in the baroque and serene air of
the olive trees, with the certainty of being exactly where you always wanted to be.

The night in the trullo

After the celebrations of the wedding, Masseria Cuturi has a surprise for you: to
spend the first wedding night in a “pajara” renovated with modern comforts.

The pajare are ancient stone trulli in the shape of a truncated cone, typical rural
buildings of Salento, built with the dry stone wall technique. In the farm there are
five renovated pajare that are relived by guests who can experience the thrill of a
unique and special night under the stars.

matrimonio foto coppia
matrimonio foto banchetto

The rural church

The Masseria has inside a small and precious rural church in which there are
frescoes by Gaetano Bianco, a 17th century painter from Campania who moved to

He had 4 children who followed in their father’s footsteps by producing various frescoes in the churches of Manduria (Cathedral and Church of the Scolopi) and Salento.

In the small church of the Cuturi there were 2 superimposed frescoes: one dating
back to 1691 and the other to the mid-1700s.

After a long and meticulous restoration by Valentino De Sario from Oria, with the
detachment of the fresco above it was possible to bring to light the work of Gaetano
Bianco from the 1600s with the original colors of great chromatic effect.

A work whose existence was not known was recovered and brought to light,
depicting the Madonna with St. Peter and St. Roch at her feet. The latter protector
of the animals of the farming world.



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