True luxury is simplicity.
Masseria Cuturi offers its home with small and large suites located in the central body of the 17th century Masseria.

A small glamping corner among the trulli of the Masseria will project you towards the truest nature, with a breathtaking view over the expanses of olive trees and overlooking the Ionian sea.

The soul of this place is silence, an ancestral primitive energy that moves.

A great protagonist of the place is the wood, where you can lose yourself among the centuries-old holm oaks, the scents of myrtle, in a naturalistic-sporting path, unique for the explosion of unspoiled nature, the last remaining wood of the ancient Oritana forest, a place of hunting of Frederick II.

Masseria Cuturi Vista Camera
Masseria Cuturi dettagli camera
Masseria Cuturi Vista Camera
Masseria Cuturi dettagli camera


Living a place means being part of its growth and its planning.

The experiences that are lived in Cuturi are unforgettable because they create an indissoluble bond with the place and with the people who are part of the project.

The best way to grasp the beauty and intensity of this land is to live directly in the Ark of Cuturi.

Esperienze in masseria cuturi
Esperienze in masseria cuturi


Living Cuturi’s cuisine is a mystical and precious experience.
The circle closes, beauty becomes an intimate and personal experience.
Everything around you focuses and becomes perfection.

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Each of us has a dream to fulfill or an important moment to make unforgettable.

Cuturi’s ancestral energy will make your wedding unique and special, making it take on a symbolic meaning of eternity, immersed in the baroque and serene air of the olive trees.