The Wine Wedding at Masseria Cuturi is an authentic and immersive experience that allows the spouses and guests not only to enjoy the panorama of one of the oldest cellars in Puglia, but to be the protagonists of the creation of a unique wine, made on the wedding day . Wine is that metaphysical ingredient which, since the time of the wedding at Cana, has allowed people to come together and share themselves and their feelings in an authentic way. We want to realign that joy inherent in producing wine in the cellar with that of celebrating the result of these joint efforts by consuming that wine together.

We want to transform the wedding ritual into something more real and authentic by linking it to tradition. Among the rituals foreseen by the wine wedding in Masseria Cuturi, there is also a highly symbolic moment in the vineyard where the couple plants a vine branch to follow its growth over the years. A tradition that recalls the episode dated 1881, when the Countess Sabini of Altamura brought her a primitive vine rooted as a dowry for her wedding with Tommaso Schiavoni in Masseria Cuturi. This was planted and had a surprising growth so as to quickly become one of the richest and full-bodied wines of Puglia.

Making wine together is the way the bride and groom not only share their feelings with their guests, but also allow them to participate in the celebration of their love.