Ritratto di famiglia masseria cuturi

A project that captivated me from the very beginning when I felt at one with a disruptive nature that bewitched me. When we planted the first cuttings, I felt an ancestral bond for this territory, a seed that has grown and that still represents an impetus towards the future..


I have always seen Masseria Cuturi as an Ark that holds stories of determined women and men, precious gifts of unspoiled nature, authentic emotions. This place offers an infinite prospect of development and growth, a sense of omnipotence that pushes you to believe in this land.


At Masseria Cuturi there are five natural wells where the moon hides every evening. Those who seek it find themselves.


A dream, a challenge, a project that I trust to carry out with all my energy, leaving a witness to my son and daughter… a mirage.



The first Primitivo cuttings in Manduria were planted in Cuturi in 1881.
Lightness, elegance, balance.

Our recipe is made up of virtuous habits, kind hands, attentive eyes, big dreams, responsibility and respect.

Our organic wines are vinified and bottled a few meters from the vineyards that generated them.


The white sand of the seafront, hectares of woods, hundreds of centuries-old olive trees and the ruins of the ancient capital of the Messapians form the backdrop to the ancient Masseria Cuturi which, like an ark, floats on a placid sea of vineyards.

Cuturi exudes emotions, light, colors, rebirth of sensations that are confused between images, words, silences.


The Wine Wedding at Masseria Cuturi is an authentic and immersive experience that allows the spouses and guests not only to enjoy the panorama of one of the oldest cellars in Puglia, but to be the protagonists of the creation of a unique wine, made on their wedding day.


The restaurant, inside the 17th century Masseria, overlooks the Conca d’oro, vineyards and centuries-old olive groves, which welcomes you with a big hug, and with the attention of Michele who will make you share the energy of the place.