Segreto di Bianca, Rosa di Cuturi, Zacinto and Tumà varietal wines enhance the indigenous varieties of the territory and enhance the characteristics while
maintaining their lightness and freshness.

Chidro and Monte Diavoli represent a selection of Primitivo, aged in wood and in bottle, to enhance complexity and elegance.

Camilla Ritratto con vini masseria cuturi
Camilla Ritratto con vini masseria cuturi


In 1881 Tommaso Schiavoni Tafuri, a wealthy landowner from Manduria,
prosperous town of Puglia Salento, married the countess Sabini, of Altamura.

The noblewoman brought Primitivo “rooted cuttings” as a dowry (the “rooted” is a
grafted vine cutting), which were planted in “Cuturi“, in the fertile Conca D’Oro.

Mappa Antica di Masseria Cuturi


The Conca d’oro, whose toponym derives from the fertility of its soils, was a single plot of 100 hectares that extends between the Masseria and the sea.

The current vineyard is about 40 hectares and is particularly fertile thanks to the organic substance contained in the soils and the water of the Chidro River that flows there.


We work the land by hand and using only organically grown grapes , without the use of pesticides , fungicides, herbicides, chemical or synthetic fertilizers.

We consider the spontaneous essences that grow in vineyard to be a wealth and help the soil to oxygenate and feed itself. We use green manures: planting field beans or grasses between the rows and then burying them in the spring.


The vinification of our best grapes takes place inside the Masseria, a few steps from the vineyards that generated them.

This proximity allows us to follow the maturation curve of each individual particle with timeliness and precision .

The cellar is made up of small tanks to obtain the microvinification of each single plot.

botte cuturi 1881
botte cuturi 1881
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